We have just launched a luxury gym kitted out with state of the art life fitness exercise equipment.

Being on holiday doesn’t have to mean the end of your fitness plan – particularly when you have access to our fully equipped, air-conditioned gym.

We are aiming to create an environment that will be loved by adult guests of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are training for your next marathon, or simply wanting to keep healthy and mobile, our exclusive gym will provide you with everything that you need.

Cardiovascular Equipment

State of the art Lifefitness cardiovascular equipment with built in entertainment systems allow you indulge in interactive courses or to work out with friends anywhere in the world in real time!

Resistance Equipment

Free weight exercises enable the muscles to contract through a fuller range of motion giving an advanced muscle workout. We have a variety of free weight equipment including dumbells, kettlebells, adjustable benches and a Hammerstrength half rack. Alternatively, practice your cable work with our Lifefitness Combined Dual-adjustable pulley system.

Functional Training

Focus on your body’s natural movement patterns whilst challenging your cardiovascular, muscular and neural systems using our gym balls, plyo box, battle ropes or BOSU.


Developed by a former Navy Seal, this form of suspension training develops your strength, balance, flexibility and core stability, all whilst building muscle

No Joining Fee!

We want our guests to enjoy and make use of our gym – there is no joining fee and guests can purchase pay-as-you-go passes or subscribe to our loyalty scheme.


We don’t provide supervision in our gym however it is CCTV monitored and there is a panic button linked to our telephone system.
Guests who choose to use our gym will be required to sign a disclaimer and asked to complete our physical activity readiness questionnaire.

If you think you would like to use the gym during your stay you can save time on arrival by booking your session in advance, and completing the disclaimer form, using the links on this page.

*The gym can only be used by over 18’s.