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Park Rules and Policies

The majority of the park rules that we use are good old fashioned common sense!  They are for the benefit of all guests and are simply a guide to set standards of expected behaviour.  Every guest is expected to abide by them, and action will be taken against anyone who is found to be in breach of these rules.  There are some additional rules that apply to holiday home owners, however, these will be provided to you on securing a pitch.

Noise Policy

We appreciate that all of our guests are on holiday and want to have a good time; however, we feel that it is important that other guests are not disturbed by excessive noise.   We therefore operate a zero tolerance policy for individuals whose behaviour or noise causes disturbance to other guests. The park management reserve the right to refuse admission, or to ask guests to leave where necessary. Refunds will not be given in such circumstances. We do not expect to hear excessive noise at any time, and we do not expect to hear any noise outside of the boundary of your pitch after 10.00pm. If this policy sounds overtly harsh, then unfortunately, we are possibly not the park for you.

Pet Policy

We firmly believe that four-legged friends should be treated as part of the family, and that means they should not miss out on the fun of a family holiday! We are pet-friendly and do not charge for your first dog, however we do ask that dogs are kept on a short lead at all times, and that any fouling is cleared immediately. Dogs must be supervised at all times, and must not be left unattended.  Our noise policy applies to pets as well as people!

General Park Rules

Authority for the Park is vested in the manager, owners, or their representatives. In this connection, entry may be refused to, or removal required of, any persons, tent or caravan.

Visitors are required to book in on arrival before pitching and check out on final departure. Pitches must be vacated by 11.00am on the day of departure.

The Speed limit throughout the park is strictly 10mph (16km/h) for cars and bicycles

Motorised scooters and quad bikes are prohibited on any part of the park.

Noise – Please be considerate, noise should be kept to a minimum to avoid disturbance to other Park visitors.

Children - Parents are responsible for providing all supervision whilst on the Park and in buildings.  Children must not be allowed to play in the toilet or shower areas.

Games - Visitors should use the large central areas away from tents and caravans. Please do not allow children to play ball games or fly kites near tents or caravans or cause a disturbance by playing in between pitches

Barbeques are permitted but they must be of proper construction, the base of which must not come into contact the grass. Open fires of any type, are strictly prohibited

Dogs are welcome on the Park provided that they are kept on short leads and do not cause a nuisance by their behaviour. They must not be allowed to foul the ground within the Park – accidents must be cleaned up immediately.  Dogs must be supervised at all times on the Park and must not be left unattended

To ensure the efficient operation of our sewage treatment plant, the use of formaldehyde toilet solutions in toilet cassette systems is not allowed. Please use a biological alternative.

Litter must be placed in the many refuse bins and any recyclable materials sorted and placed in the green recycling bins provided.  The irresponsible discard of litter by any persons will not be tolerated.

All visitors are asked to keep the toilet and shower facilities as clean as possible.  Do not leave taps running or lights turned on unnecessarily.

The washing of dishes or clothes is not permitted within the toilet and shower buildings.

Do not climb on or hang clothes or sleeping bags on fences.


Anyone found to be in breach of caravan park rules, or by their behaviour is upsetting other families, will be asked to leave the Park.


Seasonal Touring Caravan Rules

The use of your caravan is limited to family only, subletting is not allowed.

Awnings can only be erected when you are staying in the caravan and must be taken down when you leave.

Disconnect your electric cable and store safely when you are not using your caravan.

The use of formaldehyde based chemical solutions is not allowed; an alternative biodegradable solution is available at the shop.

A spare set of caravan and any lock keys should be given to reception, to be retained in the case of emergency.

Storage boxes are available from the shop, no other storage boxes, bins or sheds are allowed.

Satellite dishes or large television aerials will not be allowed.

Touring caravans may not be sold on the park, or display any for sale signs. The pitch is not transferable and no refunds will be offered if you vacate your pitch before the end of the season.Cars must be kept to the roads except when going to your caravan and observe the 10 M.P.H. speed limit at all times. Take care when driving on the park – children are playing

Do not avoid the speed ramps.

Although we allow as much space as possible between caravans and tents, remember that you can easily disturb your neighbours with loud music, television, or evening drinks on a still summer night. Please be considerate to your neighbours

If you return to the park late in the evening please remember other visitors could be sleeping.

Please keep your dog on a lead at all times when on the park and clear any fouling immediately.

When playing ball games or flying kites, please do so away from the caravans in open space and do not climb over fences to retrieve lost balls or kites. We will get them for you, if you ask.

Bicycles and skateboards are allowed if ridden safely, children will be stopped from using them if we feel they are becoming a nuisance to others, the constant noise of skateboard wheels can upset caravan owners near roads.

DO NOT skateboard before 11.00am or later than 7.00pm in the evening. Please supervise your children when skateboarding.

The use of motorised scooters, electric or petrol is strictly prohibited.

Young children should be accompanied to the toilet block and children should not be allowed to play anywhere near the toilets or laundry room.