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Useful Resources

We have tried to compile some useful resources that are suitable for adults and children alike.  Whether you are looking for gardening tips to encourage butterflies, or a resource to help you identify an unusual bird, there should be something here for you. 


Best Butterfly Nectar Plants

This useful document lists the 100 best plants that produce nectar for butterflies.  It's worth looking at if you are looking to encourage more species of butterfly into your garden!


Best Caterpillar Food Plants

This document lists some of the most common plants that caterpillars like to eat.

country butterfly

Gardening for Butterflies

A useful booklet detailing the ins and outs of how to make your garden a safe and healthy haven for butterflies.

farmland bird corn bunting 640x482

Bird Identification Tool

A fantastic interactive tool available on the RSPB website which allows you to quickly and easily identify any species of bird that you have spotted. 


Butterfly Identification Tool

An interactive tool on the Butterfly Conservation website which allows you to easily adjust search parameters in order to identify butterflies from all over the world.

As part of conserving the environment we do not want to waste paper so we do not have copies of the spotting sheets pre-printed.  Please print off anything of interest before your holiday, or if you see a spotting sheet that you'd like whilst you are staying with us we would be pleased to print you a copy.  All of the spotting sheets and associated descriptions are courtesy of "The Wildlife Trust".  Please be aware that some of the file sizes are quite large so they may take a little while to download!

Bird Spotting

male and female birds

Male and female birds

Many of our garden birds look the same (to our human eyes at least) whether they are male or female. But some can be told apart. Can you tick off both males and females of these birds?

farmland bird corn bunting 640x482

Farmland bird detective

Our fields and hedgerows are home to a range of different birds, from seed-eaters and singers to crows and gamebirds. How many of these can you spot?

baby bird

Baby bird detective

Gardens and parks become filled with the cheeps of noisy youngsters from late spring. Look out for the colourful gaping mouths and fluttering wings of hungry chicks begging 'feed me!'

sea bird

Seabird spotter

See how many different kinds of seabirds you can spot on your next trip to the coast. You might not see them all at once depending on where you
visit, but there are lots of gulls, terns and other diving birds to look out for.


Warbler detective

These secretive little birds can be hard to tell apart by looks alone. It's when they sing that they reveal their identity! There are some differences to look out for though

barn owl

Bird of prey detective

Scan the skies for soaring buzzards, watch the roadside for hovering kestrels and keep an eye out for the classic forked tail of the red kite.


At The Beach

star fish

Shoreline detective

A wealth of interesting marine treasures can turn up along beaches and coastlines throughout the year. Take a closer look at some of the things washed up and see if you can spot any of these


Rockpool detective

If you look closely and carefully you'll find a hidden world of life and colour in rockpools. There are many different kinds of anemone, fish, crab and shell to spot. Here are just a few you might come across

 Insect Spotting


Moth spotter

Some moths are on the wing during the day and can be as colourful as butterflies. Many more can be disturbed from their resting places when you brush past. Look out for the letter shaped marking of the silver Y moth or the hovering flight of hummingbird and burnet moths.


Caterpillar spotting sheet

Here is a selection of just a few of the caterpillars you might come across over the summer. Many look similar and can be hard to find, so look carefully for small clues to tell them apart.

country butterfly

Country butterflies spotting sheet

The butterflies of country lanes, open fields and farmland can be different to the ones you encounter in your garden. Be prepared to identify them!

woodland butterfly

Woodland butterflies spotting sheet

When you go down to the woods today, make sure you have this guide to woodland butterflies with you! The browns and buffs of the woodland butterfly can make them hard to spot in the shade


Snail detective

Did you know there are around 90 different species of land snail in the UK? There are hairy ones, flat ones, stripey ones and tiny ones, but can you tick off any of these?


Ladybird detective

Have you noticed that not all ladybirds have the same number of spots and that they come in many different colours? This is because there are 26 types of true ladybird found in the UK, and they come in many different sizes and patterns. Here are just a few you might spot.


Flower Spotting

spring flowers

Spring flowers spotting sheet

Count down the days to warmer weather by ticking off these spring flowers. Some are early, some are late, and some are only found in woodland

summer flowers Summer flowers spotting sheet

A selection of some of the UK's most widespread countryside flowers. Many like to grow along footpaths and roadsides, so see how many you can tick off this summer.


Leaf spotting sheet

There are lots of diffferent trees around Tyddyn Isaf.  Why not try and identify some of them using this leaf spotting sheet!