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Keeping Tyddyn Green!

At Tyddyn Isaf we take conservation seriously, and over the years we have taken considerable steps to make Tyddyn Isaf Camping and Caravan Park as green as possible. We try to achieve a balance of good park management whilst preserving and maintaining the natural environment wherever possible. Here is a selection of the many things that we do:

Perimeter Pitches 640x480

Pitch Positions

Tourers and Tents are positioned around the perimeter of the park. This minimises the visual impact of tents and caravans by utilising the natural boundary hedgerows as screening. This also allows our guests to have a window on the wildlife that abounds our hedgerows.


Grass Cutting

Whilst the main camping and caravan park areas are cut to a close lawn standard and maintained to a level that is ideal for camping, we ensure that we leave other areas slightly longer to encourage local wildlife. The areas surrounding our hedgerows for instance are all protected by fencing. This preserves the natural integrity of the hedgerow and saves it from human interference.

Tap dripping

Water Wise

At Tyddyn Isaf we consider ourselves to be water wise. We take weekly records from our water meters so that we can quickly detect if there is a burst or a leak. We ensure that we do not leave taps dripping, and replace any faulty washers quickly. We also have minimal flushing systems on all of our toilets, and sensors on the gents urinals. We have set timers on our showers so that guests have an awareness of how long they are spending in the shower - These timers can be reset immediately, but we hope that visitors won’t take advantage of the system and will try to conserve water!

Light bulb

Light Aware

We use low energy bulbs in all of our lights throughout the park. Unfortunately, for safety reasons it is essential for us to have night time lighting outside. We have, however, put timers or sensors on all of our outside lights to ensure that we are not wasting energy. To reduce the impact of light pollution, as our outside lights break, we will gradually replace them with downlighters.


Shrubs and Trees

There are two wild areas full of scrub and trees that are approximately ½ acre each. These are ideal habitats for wild pheasant, grouse and partridge.

Hedgerows 640x480

Hedgerow Planting

At Tyddyn Isaf we routinely create new hedgerows each year. In fact we have planted so many hedgerows that we were awarded a David Bellamy Special Award for it! Most recently we have been creating beech hedges around the patios of our holiday homes thereby creating more privacy for our holiday home owners, whilst at the same time creating an indulgent habitat for wildlife. Later this year we will be planting additional hedgerows in the touring field which will comprise predominantly Beach, Hazel and Maple with Elderberry, Wild Cherry, Silver Birch and Hawthorne etc.

Woodland 480x640

Woodland Planting

In 1992 we created ‘Wendy Wood’. We planted over 8500 Oak, Ash, Sycamore and Sweet Chestnut seedlings, with Alder, Wild Cherry, Beech, Hawthorne and other woodland shrubs. This 8 ½ acre deciduous woodland is now established, and we have opened it up for guests to enjoy dog walking and exploring.



The woodland that we planted straddles a small stream which runs through the caravan park. Two areas have been allowed to flood and create small ponds with wet margins to give plant and animals that like wet areas a habitat.

Flower meadow 480x640

Wild Flower Meadows

There are two areas of grassland adjacent to the woodland that are allowed to grow, and are only cut twice a year. The first cut is by the grazing sheep in the Spring, then we cut with the mower in the Autumn after all the wild flower seeds have grown. This encourages a flower rich meadow alongside the woodland.

tyddyn welsh blacks


The part maintains an additional 16 ½ acreas of farmland which is being improved by planting a clover rich grass mixture to utilise the nitrogen fixation by a high clover content, rather than using a high nitrogen fertiliser. These fields are then grazed in rotation by sheep and Welsh Black cattle.

welsh organic

Organic Farming Principles

The land around Tyddyn Isaf is owned by the caravan park and in keeping with the David Bellamy Conservation Scheme, is managed using organic farming principles. The organic ideal is to provide an environment that protects and enhances both the health and welfare of our animals without the need to use any chemically synthesized veterinary treatments. In essence this means we farm in an old fashioned way, which has the bonus of encouraging wildlife to the caravan park and surrounding area. The hedgerows and field margins are alive with birds, butterflies and insects. Wildflowers grow in abundance and in the summer we make traditional small hay bales.


Squirrel boxes and feeding stations

In 2012 there were several sightings of Red Squirrels around Tyddyn Isaf. There is currently a Red Squirrel breeding programme on Anglesey so it was great news that the species was spreading. We have now installed several squirrel boxes and feeding stations across our land in the hope that we will encourage a Red Squirrel Colony in Wendy Wood. 


Tyddyn Owlets

Owl boxes – owl breeding prog wildlife corridors

In the 1990’s we ran a Barn Owl Breeding programme and successfully reared 5 Barn Owls which were released into the wild. Barn Owls naturally return to the area in which they were born to hunt and breed, so we have placed several owl boxes around the park, and in Wendy Wood. We leave wildlife corridors alongside the woodland, and fairly frequently we spot our barn owls hunting in these areas at dusk.



At Tyddyn Isaf we believe that everyday items like glass bottles, aluminium cans, plastic bottles and paper should be recycled. The savings in energy and raw materials could make a real difference to the environment. To make recycling easier, we have three recycling stations that are readily accessible to all guests.

Reed Bed 480x640

Sewage Treatment plant / Reed Bed

To ensure the efficient and safe disposal of water and sewage from the Park we have installed a two stage biological wastewater treatment plant and reed bed.  The treatment plant relies on microorganisms that should be regarded as a natural living part of the treatment process and their continued good health is essential to the treatment process.  We therefore limit the use of bleaches and other cleaning chemicals that would kill the living process of the treatment plant; and prohibit the use of Formaldehyde based chemical toilet liquids.  Please use formaldehyde free products in your toilet cassette


Energy Aware

Where possible we try to avoid wasted energy from appliances. We always ensure that televisions etc. are turned off fully, and not left on standby. We also service all boilers and defrost all refrigerators regularly.