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How can you help keep Tyddyn Green?

Hopefully you have already read about the things that we do at Tyddyn Isaf in our part to conserve the environment.  Please take time to read through the information below for a few ideas about how you can help us to keep Tyddyn Isaf green.



To produce or manufacture anything requires raw materials and energy to heat a furnace or fuel a chemical process. If the item can be reused then why do we persist in throwing it away and making it all over again?!

We have three recycling stations on the park so please recycle your newspapers, aluminium cans and plastic bottles.

Tap dripping

Be water wise

We’ve done our part to ensure that we waste as little water as possible but you can help us do even more! If you notice any taps dripping make sure you tell us immediately. Also, why not turn the tap off when you brush your teeth – a running tap can waste 6 litres of water every minute! We also advise that touring caravans on seasonal pitches turn of their outer taps when the water storage tank is full.


Save energy

There are so many simple things that you can do to save energy – don’t leave televisions or radios on standby, turn lights off when you leave a room, use energy efficient light bulbs…the list is endless! For great tips for ways to save energy at Tyddyn Isaf, and at home visit the Energy Saving Trust website.


Use Biodegradable Cleaning Products

The successful operation of our biological treatment plant is dependent on the cooperation of everyone at Tyddyn Isaf who flushes a toilet or empties a toilet cassette at a disposal point. Bleaches and other cleaning chemicals may kill the living process of the treatment plant. Likewise chemical toilet solutions will have a serious detrimental effect on the efficiency of the biological system.

We therefore request that guests use a biodegradable alternative e.g. Fenwicks Top and Tail.

Please help us to help the environment and maintain an efficient healthy treatment plant by reducing your use of harmful chemicals.

Holiday home garden 640x480

Holiday Home Gardens

Nearly all of our holiday homes have a flower bed built into the base. Why not consider planting things that will encourage butterflies or other wildlife. Follow this link for some great planting tips.

walk to beach 640x430


It isn’t always essential to use the car. Why not walk up to the shop or walk to the beach instead of driving? It’s a great way to exercise whilst enjoying the fresh air and appreciating the sounds of the countryside! If you do have to drive then consider improving your fuel economy. The Energy Saving Trust has produced this fantastic information sheet.

Corwas-Shop local

Shop local

Support our local community by buying local. There are lots of local crafts and produce shops across Anglesey so why not sample a real taste of Wales. Click here for a list of ideas of where to purchase local products.


Monitor Our Wildlife

If you enjoy watching wildlife and spot anything unusual whilst you are at Tyddyn Isaf let us know! We have several regular visitors who love bird watching – it’s a massive help to us when they give us copies of their sighting lists at the end of their stay! Take a look at our resource pages for hints and tips on spotting various wildlife.

Rubbish Bin

Keep Tyddyn Tidy

Be responsible and place any litter in the bins provided around the park. Discarded bottles can be particularly harmful to hedgehogs and other small animals.

dog walk

Use Footpaths Responsibly

Footpaths are in place for a reason. We ask that when you are out walking and observing nature, either at Tyddyn Isaf, or on any of the paths in the surrounding area, that you stick to the paths and keep dogs on a lead so that any grazing sheep or cows are not disturbed.